People. Passion. Performance. Persistence

Enhanced Medication Services is the premier clinical services delivery channel connecting health plans to community pharmacists through our fully integrated end-to-end dispensing and clinical services platforms. We combine an industry-leading clinical services call center with an expansive network of community pharmacies allowing for the transformation of the community pharmacy into a powerful clinical services engagement hub. Our mission is to optimize medication use for people, health plans, and health systems. Our model stands on four pillars – People, Passion, Persistence, and Performance.  We provide high-quality, clinical intervention outreach services to patients and providers in collaboration with pharmacies and health plans. We work with patients to ensure they take their medications and resolve medication-related problems. We engage providers in facilitating needed prescription updates and changes. Our interventions provide “quality lift” for our partner pharmacies and health plans to achieve high-level performance on quality measures and improve health outcomes.

Enhanced Medication Management

Enhanced Medication Services offers a full suite of medication management services with end-to-end solutions including: member identification and targeting, member engagement, CMR and targeted review completion, reporting and audit support.  Our team is experienced in providing highly effective MTM solutions for Medicare and Medicaid plans that ensure compliance, maximize patient engagement, and result in reducing avoidable healthcare costs.  We offer full-service MTM programs tailored to meet specific program needs, supplemental MTM programs, transitions of care medication coordination, disease state management and specialty medication management.  We work with our health plan and pharmacy partners to offer clinically integrated programs that are financially impactful improve health outcomes by optimizing medication use and coordinating care.

Enhanced Quality and Outcomes

Enhanced Medication Services strategically partners with organizations that offer best-in-class solutions to enhance our program offerings for health plans and pharmacies.  Some example programs include remote healthcare monitoring devices and pharmacogenomic testing and consulting. 

Remote monitoring devices and cutting-edge technology allow patients to communicate with their providers and caregivers effortlessly as they routinely take their medications and monitor their blood pressure, blood glucose, and weight on a daily basis.  Providers can feel more confident in managing diseases and medication use by knowing they have the data needed to make timely interventions and manage disease states. EMS contacts patients to enroll them in monitoring programs and coordinate an appointment for device retrieval and set up with their local pharmacy or at their home. EMS agents provide ongoing support and outreach to intervene and coordinate care between the pharmacy, patient, provider, and payers based on actionable monitoring indicators or condition alerts.

Pharmacogenomic tests can identify interactions with a patient’s current drug regimen and genetic variance that impacts drug metabolism.  Genetic test results can be stored for future reference as new medications are prescribed and the science of pharmacogenomics evolves.   Enhanced Medication Services provides pharmacogenomics consulting services.  We perform initial outreach to engage patients in the service offering and coordinate their at home or onsite DNA cheek swab as ordered by their provider.  Additionally, we provide backend clinical experts that can communicate interpretation of results.

Enhanced Medication Adherence

Enhanced Medication Services offers a full suite of medication adherence improvement services.  We work together with plans and pharmacies to identify the patients that are at risk for non-adherence.  Our comprehensive program allows for selection of appropriate interventions that drive adherence rates.  We offer refill reminders, 30-90 day fill conversion outreach, medication synchronization facilitation, adherence dose packaging enrollment and support, patient discussions to identify specific barriers and provide interventions on behalf of their plan or pharmacy.  Interventions range from pillboxes to a discussion with a pharmacist or prescriber outreach depending on the patient’s specific needs for addressing adherence barriers.  In all of our solutions we partner with the patient’s plan, pharmacy and prescribers to ensure open communication, collaboration, and continuity of care.

Enhanced Pharmacy Clinical Support

Enhanced Medication Services partners with your pharmacy team as a clinical outreach support extension of your pharmacy.   We will present opportunities to provide clinical interventions needed for quality performance and partner with your pharmacy to provide clinical services that present to patients an providers as coming from your pharmacy’s clinical team. 

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